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Fast, comprehensive, and effective

Experience gathered during years guarantees voluminous knowledge on the real estate market in Latvia. That will enable us to precisely appraise your property in order to be able to position it correctly on the market and cause a demand - thus the best transaction for you.



Detailed introduction with goals and the property, definition of cooperation processes.



A set of competitive selling tactics in order to promote the property on the market.



Legal solutions and financial consultations for successful transaction.


Inspection of the property and definition of your goals;

Appraisal of the property and competitive positioning on the market;

Development of sales strategy;

High-quality photo session of the site and planning of the marketing campaign.


Sending offers to active customers and cooperation agents;

Placing public and paid advertisements on media and social networks;

Presentation of the property to the buyers, organization of open-door days;

Recommendations for preparation of the property for inspections


For your safety and safety of the buyer, we cooperate with highly-qualified representatives of the field, who will help to prepare all necessary documentation and supervise the correct and safe process of the transaction.

Are you ready to sell?

Advantages for customers

Security - when working with low-skilled specialists or doing it by yourself, there are various risks - you can lose money on such simple things like the capital increase tax, pre-emptive rights, poorly prepared contracts and other legal, or sales nuances;

Saving time and money - do not waste your time by trying to learn all the nuances and skills of sales, legal, photography. Every unprofessional behaviour means loss of money and time for you.

Market knowledge - we get acquainted with tens of new sites on a daily basis, which give us voluminous knowledge on the real estate market in Latvia. That enables us to precisely assess each new real estate and find the best solutions for our customers that would result in successful transactions;

Codo Real - Trusted and safe partner in the field of real estate that will help you to protect your assets.

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Having good knowledge on the real estate market, its demand and offer, cooperating with experienced and certified appraisers, we will be able to determine the best sales price and the potential buyer.

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