We are a real estate company, whose employees have learned from one of the best experts in the


Managing and developing the most effective technologies of estate sales, CODO REAL sells, rents,

and leases 99% of their properties. In order to achieve the maximum effect from each transaction,

CODO REAL closely cooperates with the leading real estate agencies, agents, and highly qualified

specialists in Latvia, Russia, and elsewhere in the world.

We are certain that competence, deep transaction research, business-like and presentable style of

work, and job management is an integral part of each transaction, and we follow this conviction.

Your feeling of comfort and safety is our priority No. 1. 


 OUR SERVICES                                                            


  • free consultations,
  • property sale, rent, and lease,
  • property search for the customers, 
  • monitoring of transactions,
  • search of investment objects,
  • property management, 
  • market research,
  • cash flow analysis,
  • real estate assessment,
  • assistance in obtaining mortgage loan,
  • property development and construction work organization,
  • implementation of investment objects,
  • formation of residence permit,
  • relocation, construction work and interior design specialist services.




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Oskars Lubavs

Member of the board/ Real Estate Adviser

+371 28625156


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Tomass Riksis

Member of the board/ Real Estate Adviser

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Rolands Dišlers

Real Estate Adviser

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Arnis Brediks

Real Estate Adviser

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Ina Avlaseviča

Real Estate Adviser

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Elvijs Driba

Real Estate Adviser

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Inese Zaķīte

Real Estate Adviser

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