Basic information

Property type: House property

Address: Rīga, Stabu iela 111

Price: 640 000 EUR (653.06 EUR/m2)

Land area: 566.0 m2

Building area: 980.0 m2

Usable area: 734.0 m2

Building type: Stone

Series: Pre-war building

Elevator: No

Balcony: No

Object ID: RD1

Additional information

Investment object - two buildings, 4-floor facade building and 3-floor courtyard building.

Built in 1920.

The property consists of 18 apartments, of which 6 are one-room apartments and 12 are two-room apartments. 15 apartments are rented out and three 2 room apartments need renovations.

Building are installed with new communications, new electricity, plumbing and heating sistem.

Current year's return after real estate and income taxes is 7.5%. Future yield after renovation of three more apartments, based on realistic estimates, will be 8.8%.

There is a possibility to build a roof floor for the facade building, obtaining additional living space.

Contact information

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Rolands Dišlers

Real Estate Adviser

+371 29111134