Basic information

Property type: House property

Address: Rīga, Tērbatas 13

Price: 3 700 000 EUR (1 918.09 EUR/m2)

Land area: 560.0 m2

Building area: 1929.0 m2

Usable area: 1669.0 m2

Building type: Stone

Series: Pre-war building

Elevator: Yes

Balcony: Yes

Object ID: TR3

Additional information

Property for sale on one of the main shopping streets of Riga. The building was built in Year 1912 (architect Janis Gailis). Architecture combines elements of Art Nouveau and neoclassic. The basement, 1st and 2nd floors are combined creating a retail space with total area of ~ 900 sq.m. and it is leased out to one tenant. On floors 3rd – 5th located 6 high-end rental apartments. Areas of apartments varies from 111,8 – 174,3 sq.m.
Building in general, all the load-bearing structures and engineering communications are in very good condition. No renovation needed.

Contact information

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Tomass Riksis

Member of the board/ Real Estate Adviser

+371 28318333